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Anonymous asked: why are you a feminist???


because people are still asking that question

because women are payed less than men in approximately 99% of professions

because chris brown can still have a career after assaulting rihanna but miley cyrus takes her clothes off and there’s a huge scandal

because of this:


because currently it is estimated ten million more girls are out of education than boys (x)

because we’re expected to be mature but hairless like a child, in control but not bossy, sexy but not slutty and definitely not a prude, intelligent but not opinionated, independent but reliant on men, natural but look like the girl in the magazine etc etc

because being called a girl, a pussy or a bitch is an insult

because when i told my mum i refused to get anything less than a’s in my exams she told me it wasn’t ladylike to be so cocky

because my brother and 90% of my male friends think girls who wear revealing clothing are asking for rape

because every person who identifies as female should be allowed to choose if they want to get married, have kids, have a career, go to uni etc etc without expectations

because tampons and sanitary pads are stupidly expensive

because some people reading this will have flinched at the fact i just said ‘tampon’

because there are men out there whose job it is to make young girls feel like absolute shit about themselves just so they can sell the next best beauty product

because female masturbation isn’t considered normal whilst men can talk about their own penises for hours on end


because feminists are still seen as crazy lesbians who dont shave and some still feel like they have to defend themselves by claiming theyre not any of those things when in fact if i want to be a passionate lady who likes other ladies and cant be bothered to shave my legs every twenty minutes then thats my choice and if i want to be someone who wears make up and shaves and goes out partying then thats my choice and if i want to be a combination of the two or anything in between then thats. my. choice.

because i believe anyone who identifies as female is fucking badass and deserves the same rights as every privileged stuck up old white man sitting around and making laws about our bodies

because how can you not be

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2x04 & 4x02

#THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WILLING TO EXTEND A HAND TO THE OTHER IN TIMES OF HUMILIATION AND ABUSE AND PAIN #both surrounded by knights and lords and ladies #false honor on all sides #and these two broken people (WITH EVERY REASON TO HATE EACH OTHER) #are the only beacon of decency and kindness #this *is* something of a fairy tale #even if they can’t see it right now

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Gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? When everyone was shouting King in the North, King in the North, I told myself … swore to myself … that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies … now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused?

make me choose - anonymous asked: Robb or Jon

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can’t you imagine it though?

ginny’s going through a questioning phase and her older brothers keep making sex jokes so she writes in her diary “what’s a clitoris?” and tom’s on the other side like “i am a dark lord but i have a duty to this poor girl”

are you trying to insinuate that Voldemort gave Ginny Weasley the sex talk


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about me: escabell


name: Sandra

age: 27

birthday: July 8

zodiac: (w) Cancer (e) Tiger

single or taken: Single

height: 5’5

eye color: Green-ish/Hazel

middle name: Don’t have one.

favorite color: Pine Green

lucky number: 5


hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

favorite fictional character: oh man, I can’t choose just 1

favorite television show: GoT, Sherlock, TWD, The Mindy Project

favorite season: Autumn

describe yourself in a few words: Dork, funny (at least I think so), sentimental, empathetic, procrastinator.

future children’s names: Don’t know if I want kids (gotta find the right guy first)

meaning of your name: Defender of Man

ultimate otp: Robb/Myrcella and Sherlock/Molly

what do you plan to/do for a living: 8-5 job and try to survive (unless I win the lottery)

starbucks order: Currently: venti iced soy caramel macchiato.


introvert or extrovert: 95% introverted.

dawn or dusk: Dusk

righty or lefty: Righty

coffee or tea: This might be a lame answer, but: Water

rain or shine: Shine. We get too much rain in the Northwest.

reading or writing: Reading (wish I was good at writing though. 

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